Average Super Trend Breakout

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Average: E 32 with High, low band
Super Trend: 3/10
Time Frame: Multiple i.e. 5, 10, 30 Minute

In the Stock Market, there are some strategies for entry and exit. Today we will discuss one such strategy which is very helpful for entry as well as for profit booking. There are some strategies which work on multiple time frames in this market. Let’s discuss it.
Add 32 bars average with the input of High and Low on 30 min time frame. Add super trend with 3/10 parameters (Plot arrow on chart).
For Buy:
Price must close above higher band (32 high) and at that time super trend arrow must show buy signal, go for buy with the stop loss of signal candle low.
For Sell Call :
Price must close below lower band (32 low) and at that time super trend arrow must show sell signal, go for sell with the stop loss of signal candle high.
For Target:
Exit at day’s closing or wait for Signal to Signal.
For Stop loss:
There are two methods for maintaining stop loss :
1) Signal candle low or high.
2) The lower band below the close.

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Important Points:
1.Both signals should match compulsorily.
2.Trade must be above or below the High or Low band.
3.For short term trader use lower time frame(like 3,5,10), medium term user use medium time frame (like 30,60). Long term user should use daily or 75 min time frame.
4.For better result, trade in liquid stocks and avoid index (also works on the index but get more result on stocks).

Average Super trend Breakout


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