Best Quality charts – Spider IRIS EOD

Charts of the Highest quality and clarity.

SpiderIRIS EOD gives you the sharpest and the clearest charts ever seen. The charts are very clear and the chart looks neat even when the chart is compressed to see more number of days/candles. The chart information is easy to see and understand which makes it easy for a beginner or advanced user to start reading the charts.

Shortcut keys are available to change periods and views on the chart. Available Chart types include Bar, Candle, Line, Dot , Heikin Ashi Charts can be seen in Intraday 1,3,5,15,30,60 ..any customized intraday period. Also available are Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, HalfYearly and Yearly charts.

All indicators can be overlayed on the chart or on sub-graph below the price. Data window and other chart components are carefully auto-organized to makeĀ  chart viewing and studing a clearer and enjoyable experience.

The charts can be further customized to change background and candle and indicator colors for your desired viewing experience. All the charts are updated live with No Flikering and distortion in the charts giving in the best viewing quality.

The Charts are of un-matched quality and is at par and comparable with the best charting software in the world.


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