Daily Stock Update Report 31-03-2022


On the daily timeframe chart, the stock was forming lower lows and lower highs, but recent candles have shown a turnaround by forming a higher high breakout. In addition, the stock has broken through the monthly pivot R1 level, with RSI and MACD indicating upward momentum. This is clean and has good eye appeal for most swing traders.

The swing has reached a bottom around 5912.90 on the weekly timescale chart and is currently reversing with a positive crossover of RSI but MACD, although the strength has yet to be confirmed.

Daily Stock Update Report 30-03-2022


On the daily timeframe chart, it has given triangle breakout couple of days ago, after that stock was hustling around the resistance level can see on chart. Finally, stock has broken the level with decent volume backed by positive RSI momentum.

Weekly timeframe chart is also looking positive backed by RSI momentum and breakout of cup & handle pattern.

Daily Stock Update Report 25-03-2022

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Nifty realty – Will the sector bottom out?

On the weekly timeframe chart bullish harmonic pattern is detected with bullish candlestick pattern “Engulfing Line Bull” also price has confirmed both the pattern by closing above high.

On the chart, two stocks are struggling around the monthly pivot level; if the breakout occurs, both stocks have the potential to rise because the RSI is also supporting the momentum.

Daily Stock Update Report 23-03-2022

The stock is breaking out of a long-term channel, and the RSI is above 60, indicating high momentum. The intensity of the momentum is further confirmed by MACD. On the daily timescale, a bearish harmonic pattern is forming, but the “D” point must come within range of the estimated projected level to complete the pattern. The upper level for the stock could be 1378.70 and 1465.60.

Daily Stock Update Report 22-03-2022


On the daily timeframe chart, the stock has broken over a major resistance level, the price has reverted several times from this level. It’s like tug of war zone has crossed backed by RSI and MACD confirming the momentum and strength of trend. Stock is currently trading above monthly pivot level. This is clean and has good eye appeal for most swing traders