Daily Stock Market Report (Summary) 19-01-2023

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Among the sectorial indices, NiftyCPSE (0.82%) and NiftyPSE (0.64%) were the Top Gainers and NiftyMEDIA (-1.11%) and NiftYCONSU (-0.98%) were the Top Loser.


Top 5 Traded Stocks

Best 5 Stocks

Worst 5 Stocks

All Time High Stocks

Index Spot Summary

NIFTY Derivative Summary Expiry 19-01-2023

Highest OI
18150CE/ 18200CE & 18100PE/ 18000PE

BANK NIFTY Summary Expiry 19-01-2023

Highest OI–  42400CE/ 42500CE & 42300PE/ 42000PE

  NIFTY OI Change Report Expiry 19-01-2023

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