Daily Stock Market Research Report (Summary) 31-10-2022

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Finally, after the four day of congestion around 78.60 fibo level index have gap up  opened with strong momentum bulls managed to reclaim 18000 mark! As per derovative data, no major unwinding was seen in 18000 level which raise the question about sustaining of level.

 Among all the sectorial indice,  NiftyCONSR(1.57%) and NiftyAUTO(1.43%)were the top gainers, no major correction was witness in any indices.


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NIFTY Derivative Summary Expiry 03-11-2022

Highest OI
18500CE/ 18000CE & 17800PE/ 17700PE

BankNIFTY SummaryExpiry 03-11-2022

Highest OI– 41500CE/ 42000CE & 41000PE/ 40500PE

Stocks with Volume Breakout (2 times )

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Looking good at current level stock has surpassed its short and medium term moving averages with RSI above 60mark. Major resistance will be at long term 200EMA its very vital level to breach for resumption of bullish momentum.

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