Daily Stock Market Research Report(Summary) 22-09-2022

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On the daily chart of the Nifty, there is a negative divergence where the price is making higher highs and the RSI is making lower lows, implying that momentum is weakening day by day. If 17500 is broken, bears may gain strength. On the open interest front, the maximum oi is 17700CE and 17800CE on the upside, and 17600PE AND 17500PE on the downside.

Among the sectorial indices, NiftyMedia(1.78%)  and NiftyAlpha(1.67%) were the top gainer and NiftyPvtBank(-1.40%)and BankNifty(-1.36%) were the top loser.


Top Traded –   

Best 5 –                    

Worst 5 – 

All Time High –

Index Spot Summary

Nifty Derivative Summary Expiry 22-09-2022

Highest OI18000CE/ 17800CE & 17600PE/ 17500PE

BankNifty SummaryExpiry 22-09-2022

Highest OI  – 41000CE/ 42000CE & 40600PE/ 40600PE

Stocks with Volume Breakout (2 times )

Add these stocks in watchlist for upcoming trading days

Stocks to watch for Intraday(23-09-2022)

Adaniport – buy above 960 and short below 940
Colpal – buy above 1611 and short below 1587

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