RSI Momentum Strategy

Tutorial on how to implement RSI Momentum Strategy

  • Time Frame: 10 min.
  • Study: RSI 14 E 9
  • Average Traded Price: 15

How to interpret?

Add RSI on 10 min chart with above-mentioned parameters, add average traded price with above-mentioned parameters. Smooth RSI with ATP. Change Overbought (50) and oversold zone (40)

For Buy: When RSI crosses above overbought (50) go for buy with the confirmation of high breakout of signal candle.

For Sell: When RSI crosses below Oversold (40) go for sell with the confirmation of low breakout of signal candle.

Exit: Crossover of RSI exit your position. This is pure intraday strategy i.e. exit 3:25 your position.

Stop loss : Previous Swing or ATP of candle closing basis.

You can use this setup on multiple time frame or large time frame. Select only Nifty 20 stocks or liquid stocks for trading. Apart from that also trade in option at the crossover of RSI. Enter in AT THE MONEY option.

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