How to use Pivots

Jul 07, 2016 No Comments by

Pivot is the most important level. When the market is above the pivot it’s a bullish signal and when the market is below the pivot, it’s bearish. Accordingly, some traders will only buy when the market is above the pivot, and they will only take short trades when the market is below the pivot. Occasionally, […]

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RSI Momentum Strategy

May 18, 2016 No Comments by

Time Frame: 10 min. Study: RSI 14 E 9 Average Traded Price: 15 How to interpret? Add RSI on 10 min chart with above-mentioned parameters, add average traded price with above-mentioned parameters. Smooth RSI with ATP. Change Overbought (50) and oversold zone (40) For Buy: When RSI crosses above overbought (50) go for buy with […]

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Macd Bollinger Strategy

May 18, 2016 No Comments by

MACD : S12, S26, E9 Bollinger Band : 14/2 Time Frame : 30 min. Today we will discuss strategy for nifty Traders. It will give good result in Nifty. Add Bollinger band with above-mentioned parameters. Also, add MACD with above-mentioned parameters. For Buy Call : MACD cross Zero line upward at that time Candle must […]

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Average Super Trend Breakout

Apr 26, 2016 No Comments

Average: E 32 with High, low band Super Trend: 3/10 Time Frame: Multiple i.e. 5, 10, 30 Minute In the Stock Market, there are some strategies for entry and exit. Today we will discuss one such strategy which is very helpful for entry as well as for profit booking. There are some strategies which work […]

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Ichimoku RSI Crossover

Apr 13, 2016 No Comments

Time frame: 30 Min Rsi: 5E2 Ichimoku: 8,26,52,18 How to add: Add Ichimoku on the chart with above parameters on 30 min time frame. Add RSI with above parameters on the same chart but there is little change in RSI in the input; choose kijun line input instead of price close of RSI. How to […]

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Super Trend Parabolic Strategy

Apr 05, 2016 No Comments

Time Frame: 60 Min. or 75 Min./Daily/Weekly Parabolic: 0.1(Minimum) 0.02(Step Value) 0.2(Maximum) Super Trend: 1(Factor) 10(Average Period) How to Setup: Add Parabolic with mentioned parameters, add Super Trend with mentioned parameters on daily as well as on intraday 60 min chart. You can also track on the weekly chart. How to interpret it? When a […]

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Bollinger Strategy

Mar 28, 2016 No Comments

Parameters: Average Type:: Simple Average Period:: 15 Standard Deviations:: 1.5 Time Frame:: 60 Min or Daily Strategy : Add Bollinger band with above parameters on 60 min time frame, For buying condition open must above the higher band and close below the higher band on same candle then go for sell with the stop loss […]

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Three Line Break Strategy

Mar 23, 2016 No Comments

Time Frame: 15 min. Study: Exp. Avg. 32 with High input. Exp. Avg. 32 with Low input. Exp. Avg. 32 with Close input. Trix smoothen with 5/s20/e3. Strategy: Make Setup on chart with all these parameters i.e. add Exp. 32 average with three different inputs (High, Low, and Close). Add Trix (smoothen) with default parameters. […]

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Poul Scalping system

Mar 18, 2016 No Comments

Poul scalping system is one of the successful trading system for intraday trading. One can use intraday chart with the timeframe of 60 mins with below chart setup. Add 50 Ema on chart on 60 mins timeframe with Bollinger band with parameters of 10/1. For making winning decision add adx (Directional Moving Average). There are […]

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Guppy Multiple Moving Average

Jun 17, 2015 No Comments

Guppy Multiple Moving Average The Guppy Multiple Moving Average (GMMA) indicator tool is based on the relationships between groups of moving averages. Each group of averages in the GMMA provides insight into the behavior of the two dominant groups in the market – traders and investors. The indicator allows the trader to understand the market […]

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