Price Watch – Spider ACE

Watch Todays Prices of your favorite stocks.

This feature can be seen after downloading Post Market Intra day data. Intra day data can be seen for that particular day only. You can view the prices of your  Portfolio, Hot List, Sector List etc. in one convenient window. The columns can be sorted on any column to find stocks in ascending and descending order of importance. The scrips order can also be re-arranged by a simple drag-and-drop.

You can use the Market Query Screener to query for stocks within a price range. Also filter on Volume and percentage change and many such numerical parameters. The Market Screeners also allows you to filter stocks based on price movement. eg. (Close > Previous High) or (Close < Previous Low) etc. The user can select from the ready made built-in filters or create his own custom filters.

There are various other screeners available which helps filter stocks based on Technical and study outputs. The Speed and the simplicity in which the stocks are screened makes the software special and popular among its users.


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