Realtime Scanning of Technical Indicators – Spider CTCL

Live alert on Indicators Entry and Exit signals.

Every Trader in the market is looking for the easiest and the fastest method for scanning the best stocks to trade in todays market. Our developers have made a remarkably powerful and efficient “Technical Query” feature which helps you do just that.

CTCL continuously keeps scanning the entire market for profitable trading opportunities based on the technical indicators. It easily finds stocks which are meeting your criteria and shows alerts only those stocks.

For example you want the stocks which are above the 200 day SMA and exiting out of the Oversold zone of RSI.

The user can fully customize their Entry and Exit conditions and see instant alerts and time their trades with accuracy.

The most important part of designing the query has also been simplified. All conditions can be added by clicking and selecting options rather than typing the conditions making it very easy to understand and use. CTCL does not require you to understand and remember any complicated syntax or languages. Hence it can be easily used by the most basic user to the most advanced user.

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