Techncial Analysis Indicators & Tools – Spider IRIS Plus



Huge Library of built-in indicators and,MACD.

Analyze the market with the huge library of well known indicators and tools. Indicators like RSI, MACD,Stockastics, PSar, SuperTrend etc can be easily added and customized to suit your trading needs. Line tools like  Trendlines, Retracements, Support, Resistance, Price Extention, Time Retracement, Fibo Cycle, Andrews Pitchfork etc/ can also be added easily using shortcut keys.

The main advantage of the software is in its simplicity. You will quickly understand how to add / modify / delete the indicators and tools. While analyzing the market the user can concentrate on the  charts and analyis and does not get distracted or bothered by trying to remember how to add and use his indicators on the charts.

For the advanced user, there are many options to change input and also select where the indicator can be overlayed on the chart.

All these indicators and tools help in creating a systematic trading system which can give consistent returns and it also helps in trading without the emotions of greed and fear.

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