Start Options Selling with just a Minimal Capital Investment of ₹ 25,000/- ( Recorded)

About the event

Option Selling can start with Just 25000 Capital.

Option sellers have an edge mainly because of the time premium in the option.
While we can’t predict the future movement of an underlying, we can guarantee that time will pass.
Since option sellers profit with each passing day (as the time premium shrinks) they increase their chance of profit.

~Myth is Option selling required a very high margin, So here I can show you, You can sell an option with a minimum capital of 25000 and make a good ROI.
~Myth is Option selling has Unlimited loss, I can show you we don’t have Unlimited loss.

in this webinar, we cover Systematic Option Selling with system trading.
we did mo
monthly planning and Risk-Reward Ratio in advance so we don’t need to track our position again and again and have fearless trading system experience.

Key Features:

1) How min 25000 is sufficient for selling option?
2) Consistency in Profit.
3)Fearless Trading.
4)System Trading.
5)Your capital is secured.
6)And most important GROWTH.
7)Limited loss.

Enroll yourself and learn in-depth knowledge of Options selling.

Registration Fees: 590/-

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