Momentum & Breakout Trading Master-class

Join us for an insightful webinar on Options Trading, where we will explore how Momentum Strategy can be a valuable insights for achieving high accuracy in your trading strategies.

Momentum and breakout trading are popular strategies used by active traders seeking to capitalize on trending market moves. When executed effectively, these strategies can initiate significant price shifts and increased volatility, presenting the potential for substantial returns while mitigating downside risks.

By engaging in momentum trading, traders can participate in short-term trades and leverage their capital multiple times to generate higher profits.

This informative webinar will center around the utilization of momentum and breakout trading techniques, coupled with prudent risk management practices.

Participants will gain valuable insights into identifying stocks suitable for momentum and breakout trading, conducting pre-market analysis, and making informed stock selections. Moreover, the webinar will delve into the psychological aspects underlying breakout trading, exploring the mindset required for success.

Key points of this webinar:

  • Identifying Momentum Stocks & Options.
  • Trading Psychology.
  • Multi-time frame Market Analysis.
  • Managing Stop Loss and Targets.
  • Pre-Market Analysis technique.
  • Risk Management

Join this webinar to enhance your understanding of momentum and breakout trading, gain valuable insights into stock selection, refine your pre-market analysis techniques, and develop a comprehensive approach to risk management. By the end of the session, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed trading decisions and optimize your trading performance.

Speaker: Telugu Trader Shyam.

Webinar Language: Telugu

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Starts at

22 Jul’ 2023

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

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